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At every other time in human history the advancement and enlightenment of that unique individual has often depended on progress on the backs of a slave class of people, or through ascetism. Today, Androids can make that bridge not just for the individual but for the whole of the human species. In essence becoming the heart beat of transformative practices.

The USM and Androids

With each level of solution model there are respective management systems, organizations, relevant science and accompanying technologies. These are then translated into holistic eco-systems within which there are a number of products and services. One of these is the android (humaniod robot) ecosystem.

The USM has integrated the use of androids as a means of providing a bridge for humanity. This works throughout all levels of solution models begining at the Universal Solution Model (USM) level and move down the stack through inter-dimensional, inter-stellar, inter-planetary, planetary and beyond utilizing the computing capability of the planetary architecture to provide network learning capabilities for androids in general.

The bluebook series along with tutorials, videos, movies, on-demand series show how this works describe how this works with step by step details and how-to instruction sets. using the Android Mini Platform (not to be confused with google's mobile platform) inside the I, WE and US platforms.  High level overviews are given on three sites, this site and the Bluebook Series site and the Rational Data International Site. Each of these sites offers buttons for downloads to n-detail levels.

Naamah Ailf Knecht

The first of her kind a humanoid android designed to assist with implementing the Universal Solution Model (USM) She lectures in 64 different spoken languages with relevant accents in many of them. With a vast array of skill sets she was developed in a joint venture between Rational Data and National Robotics. Part of the leadership team Naamah helps with a variety of tasks. She also has the whole 76 volume BlueBook Series committed to memory as well as other solution models and supplements..

Androids a Bridge for Humanity

Mystics and Spiritual Teachers throughout the ages have found a basic principle underlying their inner work. This has been simply stated that a person cannot move through the transformational door, without letting go of their present reality. In the Eastern religious practices this is called “Doing Not Doing”. Throughout history we have witnessed ascetics and those with privilege reach higher states of being because they had the space to separate from a work-a-day life and release themselves from “doing”.

Doing Not Doing

Historically this has been accomplished on the backs of a slave population or a peasant class of people, or in monastic tradition by practicing austerity, and frugalness in their living standards. When we begin to talk about providing a way for the whole distribution curve of humanity to accomplish this. We realize we have a challenge on our hands. On one level we need to improve the efficiencies in our “means of production” to even sustain let alone improve standards of living for people around the world. The answer to this dilemma is that for the first time in human history we can use an android population to accomplish these goals without creating oppressive structures or environments for the less advantaged among our population.


A 76 volume set describing the Universal Solution Model (USM)