Below are links to downloads and development kits

Free Downloads

Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to Live, Learn, and Develop some really cool stuff. With ways to gain access to training and other resources. Below are links to a variety of resources..

Platform Development

Platform Development Kits allow developers to
access apps builders, world builders, mindSpace builders
gamespace builders and more.

Hardware and Software EcoSystems

Download the Quick Sheets and Whitepapers for the full hardware ecosystem integration, development, operating system integration and software application development.

Digital Economy

Download information about the new digital economy the  "Homestead Act" here and the different pieces that integrate with the new land standard digital property and the new digital economy on the third layer.

IoT and the National Data Grid

The National Data Grid provides a web layer with Universal Data Connectors already built into it, along with information sharing utilities, permissions and security protocols.

Download information on IoT components and how they work with the National Data Grid.

Governance Layer

In the new layer of cyberspace there is a global bottom-up democratic governace body, designed to deal with cross-border planetary issues, that all planetary citizens are stakeholders in.

Become a part of this exciting new venture by downloading kits to become a  Representative, Dipolomat or an Ambassador. Core Kits that will train you how to take on a position in the Virtual Global Nation. 

The Homestead Act

Find out how you can stake out your own property and develop  a business, school, manufacturing facility or store on it using already existent drag-n-drop components and tools.

This secure space is protected by a new land standard that works internationally. It provides egalitarian opportunities to anyone with internet access and is a basis for personal wealth aquisition.

Properties of  the New Cyberspace

The new platform and layer provides indexes and instrument reading that tell you about the properties of cyberspace as you drive through it in a vehicle.

The semantically mapped quadrants and sectors of cyberspace are supported by a number of  indexes that can tell you about economic opportunities, literature based disovery opportunities, idea generation  and in general economic, scientific and educationa opportunites and more.


Semantic Web Tools and Instruments

The new Semantic Web provides a machine read and human refined sphere of knowledge and information that is visually represented in platform 2D, 3D, 4D  modes. It differs from current web search engines in that it can show you what you don't know that you don't know. Concepts are causally and associatively connected together providing big picture maps of understanding along with the ability to search for specific pieces of information.

Download Kits for Semantic Web and Surface and Deep web integration  including tool and instrument  development.