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There  are a  large number of tutorials availble for every topic covering the use of the I, WE, and US Platforms, Applications and more. Rational Data Institute of Technology (RDIT) has the full selections on their site.

Tutorial Categories

Tutorials and Videos

Our tutorials are hosted on multiple video services, YouTube, Vimeo, Rational Data’s hosting services and more. They cover almost every topic area with the new solution models you can think of from how to use various applications, to how to participate in the Virtual Global Nation and everything in between. Comprehensive tutorial lists are available on most sites for download and are searchable in platform, on search engines and our own databases. They are also embedded in downloadable eBook formats, these eBooks support dynamic real-time data components on page turn, password protection and language translation and updating.

Video Tutorials

Note: Rational Data Institute of Technology (RDIT) offers a full comprehensive database of tutorials as well as the tutorials themselves. In most instances tutorials can be found on most sites, in all the platforms and embedded in dynamic ePublications, eBooks, and eMagazines. Many of the tutorials are offered for free.

Note: The following are placeholders while we get all the sites up and running.

General Tutorials Catagory


A 76 volume set describing the Universal Solution Model (USM)