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Inter-Stellar Solution Model (ISSM)

Technically humanity has already reached the inter-stellar level of development, as probes we have sent out have now left our solar system. Advances in propulsion technology have taken us to explore first in our own world and then beyond. These advances are something we are working on at this writing,
making this realm a reality. 

The Inter-Stellar Solution Model (ISSM)

The Geographic Class of Solution Models

The USM gives a general case discussion of Solution Models, Understanding Models, Management Systems, and then extends this to a class specific example from these top level pieces to Science and Technology, Organizations, Ecosystems and Products and Services.

The USM and the IDSM sit on top of all other classes of solution models. The stack to the left shows the geographic class of solution models. This class is anthropocentric and based on "standing" relative to geographic and non-geographically tied macro-structural models and frameworks.

The Geographic Class of Solution Models

We define a large class here called the Geographically Tied Infrastructure Models and Non-Geographically Tied Infrastructure models. This class includes governmental bodies, their respective check and balance systems, and their institutional models. Each of these elements has to do with jurisdictional pervue relative or not relative to a geographically defined area on a map. We see this same phenomenon on concept maps as well and we will get into this a while later.

Inter-Stellar Solution Model (ISSM)

The IPSM, belongs to the geographic class of solution models and is one of several that utilize space and the human relationship to physical geography as a means for classification.

The Reality of the ISSM

Exploration in space is now only limited by the propulsion technology we have and while in the process of exploring we will likely come across new challenges. The history of human civilization has its hallmark milestones evolve around the leaps in transportation technology. The reach of our exploration has been expanded by the continual expansion of propulsion technology. With these steps we have met with new challenges and new opportunities.

Back in the 15th century Leanardo da Vinci designed an airplane that had it had the propulsion technology of an internal combustion engine or some other means we would have had flight in his time. (Insert star trek explorer lead in).

Technically We Have Achieved This

As incredulous as inter-stellar travel may seem to some individuals, we have technically achieved this as some of our probes have left the solar system into the realm beyond. Our company and no doubt others are and have developed technologies that go beyond brute force mass displacement systems for propulsion of space vehicles.


Our advances in propulstion technology have defined our reach as a species in the universe. Over time we have seen these advances take us from discovery of distant lands to distant worlds.. Thsi Star Trek Enterprise, entry segment illustrates this journey. (credits to Paramount Studios and the Star Trek Franchise)

The Scope of the ISSM

The inter-stellar solution model sets up inter-stellar general case classes for items like planetary exploration, terraforming, eco-system development and management. It also stipulates a set of existential rights document addendums that apply to inter-planetary and inter-stellar eventualities.

This sets up new citizen classes, rights classes, and others in relationship to a variety of celestial bodies, solar, planetary and other which includes moons, asteroids and space stations.

Maps, Representation and the ISSM

It is no coincidence that while google has put effort into mapping the world we have done this with mapping the natural universe as an in-platform utility. The platform supports multi-dimensional universe models the basic foundational one provides an astrological map of the universe as we know it along with the classification systems found in the ISSM. On another level universe models are knowledge representation devices predicated on different dimensional translations of information and data.

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