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We must learn to manage our planetary resources and with this we must provide represesentation for all the inhabitants of planet Earth. By providing a way to deal with cross-border, increasing complexity, systemic amplifaction, increased connectivity and more with real time technologies.

A World in Transition

A World in Transition and Transformation

We live in a world in transition and transformation, and present the mechanism for how a new open, democratic, bottom-up, governance model; a new layer in cyberspace; and a global computing platform may facilitate world-wide transformation. It represents more than 25 years of work by hundreds of individuals led by Marlin Knecht, its founder.

System Breakdowns

Web 1.0 and other advances have resulted in a breakdown in geographically-tied infrastructures and governance models that has occurred since web 1.0 was introduced. They provide a bold new vision and a solution for the current state of the world, approached from a universal and planetary perspective. The Solution sets the stage for a global geo-political paradigm shift, while empowering the global economy by installing a new infrastructure. It covers issues including: issue centric voting, sphere of influence demo¬graphics, global economic and currency stability, cross-border fund flows, single point of influence events, n-dimensional connectivity, and economic surveillance, detection, and awareness dynamics.

Invitation Based

It provides an invitation-based model that honors the rights of the individual and nation-state sovereignty. The model addresses why today’s issues call us to ensure and balance the existential rights of the individual and human and other species in the context of planetary management, international terrorism, and economic disparity. It defines the Citizen of Humanity and the Planetary Citizen and provides a framework for a govern¬ment of the people, for the people, by the people of the Earth.

Empowerment of the Planetary Population

The model empowers the human population toward Sustainability, Peace, Possibility, and Plenitude by providing a Universal Solution Model, Infrastructures, and Management Systems. Their macro- and micro-structural components create conditions for positive emergence and model new tools for learning, growth, self-refinement and transformation.

New Global Sytems

The Universal Solution Model (USM) and Planetary Solution Model (PSM) bring a number of new elements to the global scene and with this the introduction of a new Web Based Operating System (WBOS) and new layer in cyberspace.

• New Governance Model - bottom-up, open democratic, meta-level

• New Currency

• New Land Standard - digital property

• New Kind of Property - virtual & digital Property

• New Kind of Voting - multi-dimensional, issue centric voting

• New Political Mechanisms

• New Computing Standards - AOC model, LCD computing

• New Kind of Language - Universal meta-language

• New Kind of Navigation

• New Information Universe

• New Layer in Cyberspace

• New Funding Platform

• New 3rd Generation Web Standards (W3, Web 3.0, 3L)

• New Movement of political representation for planetary citizen from geographically tied political models to multi-dimensional issue representation on information space.

• New Economic Grounding Plane

• New kind of Information Space

• New Way of Validating and Verifying Information Integrity