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Writings and Works by Marlin Knecht

Selected Writings

Selected list of Supporting Books and Writings

Marlin Knecht’s writings & research (under both his given name and pen name, Andromeda Knecht) have spanned a diverse range of fields, including polymerization techniques, business law, business management, religious studies, spiritual practice, electronic circuit design, data mining, data mining circuit design, learning theory, digital property law, digital property rights, governance models, funding models, the evolution of economies based on property law in developing countries, multi-scalar infrastructures, meta-language development, as well as works in consciousness studies, Neoscience and existential rights. Several of these are listed on He has done public speaking and teaching on diverse subjects including philosophy, religion, education theory, and range of technical topics.

Note: A number of the works include redundant contextual material and are marked as such in the publication for stand-alone use. Several of these works will not be released until network launch but are in beta-read status. Most if not all of these works have played a specific role in providing the conceptual and intellectual foundation for the solution model presented.

Note: A number of these publications will be available in eBook format with embedded videos, dynamic real time data tables; real time graphing and most will be supported 64 different languages.

Note: eBooks and Videos are supported in flash format, while most eBooks cross over the HTML5 use they do not support real time database functions and graphing in the HTML 5 format. Most are however supported in 64 different languages to provide for international accessibility. In other words some Apple products at this posting (December 2012) do not support flash. Most content is designed for multi-device detection and formatting. Most books do work on phones, tablets and readers.

Note: The new platform and user interface supports a new type of meta-language which is similar to international sign conventions and employs archetypical symbology for conveying concepts globally.

Note: Most of these items can currently be found on the Beta the Solution or Rational Data Beta sites.


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Note: eBooks and Videos are supported in flash format, while most eBooks cross over the HTML5 use they do not support real time database functions and graphing in the HTML 5 format. Most are however supported in 64 different languages to provide for international accessibility. In other words some Apple products at this posting (December 2012) do not support flash. Most content is designed for multi-device detection and formatting. Most books do work on phones, tablets and readers. 

Infrastructure works

Rational Data Institute of Technology - Curriculum Book

The Guide Training Academy - A different kind of career for innovative and creative people

Book of Neoscience

The Rational Data Industry Model - In defense of existential rights and sustainability

The W3, Web 3.0, 3rd Layer in Cyberspace

The Virtual Global Nation, A guide to a new kind of nation

Building Vehicles for Use and Profit

The Rational Data Network - A guide to a new kind of cyberspace

The Digital Property Registry - A Use Guide for managing digital property

Instructional Material

Making Sense of Information - A Guide to Archetypes in information processes and the development of new paradigms

Advance Data and Text Mining Technologies - A curriculum for data and text mining engineers

The Digital Property Primer - A guide to the use of digital property on the Rational Data Network

Digital Property Rights - A strategy for economic growth and the amelioration of worldwide poverty

The Digital Property Framework - The institutions and the design

The International Digital Exchange - An investor's guide to digital Property and the IDE

Virtual Institutions in The Global Nation Model - the development of meta-level frameworks for a governance model

From Discovery to Spinoff - A road map to funding innovation and problem solving

Works on Being and Growth

Plenitude - The meaning of success

The Planetary Value Proposition

Trust Arts, Keys to Travel in Virtual Reality

Path and Practice, the Road Home

The Specialty Guide - A source book for becoming a specialty Guide on the Rational Data Network

The Planetary Management Handbook - an exploration of planetary management systems

The Book of Quawn

Book of Core Disciplines

The Neoscientist

The Book of Governance - outline and syllabus

The Global Solution Model (GSM) - Providing a new infrastructure for the planetary citizen

Works on Logistics, Operations and How to Manuals

The Avatar Lab - How to build avatars on the Rational Data Network

The Vehicle Factory - How to build vehicles for profit on the Rational Data Network

The National And International Data Grids

Tangerine OS - Open source operating system from Rational Data

The i Platform - A web based operating system from Rational Data

General Operations Handbook - A guide to the Global Solution Model and operational systems

Block Languages and Canvas Development

Contiguous Thread Architectures and the W3, Web 3.0, 3rd Layer technologies

The Core Curriculum Handbook - Understanding the Big Picture

The Meta-language guide - A Guide to Navigation, Tools and a new ubiquitous language

The Migratory Path - the Emergence of the new digital economy

A Mission Based Architecture

Network Operations Center a User’s Guide

General Governance and Economics

State of the World 2012

Digital Property Valuation and Localization

The Great Transformation - shift in consciousness

Timeline Concurrencies and Market Development - Rational Data Industry Model

World in Transformation

The New Digital Economy, Virtual Currency and a New Economic Grounding Plane

The Global Solution Model - Segment Specific Solutions

The Declaration of Existential Rights

The Constitution of the Virtual Global Nation

Early Writings

From Christ to Constantine; a Biographical Outline of Early Church History. 125 pages, 1979.

Neoplatonic Philosophy and the Derivation of the Doctrine of the Trinity. 212 pages, 1979. (Self-directed thesis).

The Hebrew Word ‘Hayah’; Grammatical Usage and Syntax, a definitive work on usage in Genesis. 398 pages, 1980. (Self-directed thesis).

The Human Condition. 428 pages, 1981.

How to Reduce Stress and Start Living! 160 pages, 1998.

Path and Practice, The Road Home In Print 1-929589-01-8 12.95

Trust Arts, Keys to Travel in Virtual Reality In Print 1-929589-00-x 9.95

This Path Has Come to An End - Prophesies 1998-2030 In Print 1-929589-02-6 9.95

Pathways For Kids In Print 1-929589-03-4 9.95

Works on Systems Science, Consciousness Studies and Human Change Process

4 Volume Reference Set - Pathways Through Consciousness In Revision 1-929589-12-3 199.95

Relativistic Perceptual Field Model, A Study of Consciousness and Cognitive Process vol. 1. In Print 1-929589-04-2 49.95

Relativistic Perceptual Field Model, A Study of Consciousness and Cognitive Process vol. 2. In Print 1-929589-05-0 49.95

Topography of Consciousness, Classification Systems Vol.3 In Revision 1-929589-06-9 49.95

Principles and Practices, Keys to Understanding Vol. 4 In Revision 1-929589-07-7 69.95

Software and Workbooks

Inner Work Software Help Manual In Revision 1-929589-08-5 29.95

Mindscapes - A Virtual Reality Gamebook, In Print 1-929589-09-3 12.95

Poems, Prayers and Promises, In Print 1-929589-10-7 9.95

Before And After Union, the Joining Of the Higher Self Due 12/00 1-929589-24-7 12.95

An Essay On The Neoscientific Approach To The Synthesis of Science and Religion, A Reality Beyond Postmodernism Due 12/99 1-929589-26-3 9.95

General Works on Consciousness and Developmental Processes

What is Human? What is Divine?, Comments on the Human Condition Due 02/00 1-929589-28-x 9.95

A Choice For A Conscious Tomorrow, A Political Platform, Year 2000 In Print 1-929589-25-5 9.95

A Maxwell/Boltzman Distribution Analogy in Mass Mind, Discontinuous Partitioning of Form Specific Thought Structures Due 06/00 

My Story, The Turning Of My Will - Autobiography, Andromeda Knecht Due 01/00 Not Assigned NA

Mini - Books (some of these are on web)

Cognitive Attractors in Self-referencing Thought Form Dynamics In Print

A Mathematical Model for Meta-fluctuation in Consciousness

A-symmetrical Growth Processes in Trans-lateral Movement

A Non-Relativistic Valuation Theory in Consciousness using a Limit Concept as an Explanatory Model

Existential Bill Of Rights for Individuals and the Species, Sentient and Non-Sentient Life.

The Next Step, A paradigm for Growth 2000 -2025, Probabilities in the collective conscious and unconscious levels of Mind unknown

A Policy on Non-violence, An approach to peaceful

Consciousness Studies, Information Theory, and Virtual Realities

The Global Solution Model and Planetary Management System Works

The Global Solution Model and Planetary Management System Paradigms

Segment specific solution models

On the W3, Web 3.0, 3rd Layer Technology

Organizations Founded - A list by purpose - outline parts

Trends in Human Civilization - planetary citizen and citizen of humanity - World timeline (graphic) and table

Medical Solution Model – A Solution Model for an International Health Care

Valuation Equations in Digital Property Appraisal

The New Land Standard and Digital Property

The Economics of Digital Property Valuation

Operations and Other Works

The Beta Book - Beta Testing the Global Solution Model

Master Control Panels - there use and function in network management

The 2012 Bluebook - an executive review of the Rational Data Industry Model

The 2013 Bluebook – Universal Solution Model (USM)

Internal and External Organizational Schemas for GUI Design and Sector Relativism

The Media Trade Handbook

Syllabuses and Packets - Instructional Materials

Orientation Packet RDIT and GTA

Learning Project Packet and Funding an education through the peer to peer model

Planetary Management Certification Program

Global Solution Model Certification Program

Project Canvas Program

Participation Agreements and Use Policies

Accreditation and the New Education Paradigm

Academic Standards Institute Certification

Career Tracks Overview

Investment Guide Packet

Global Solution Model Packet

Virtual Global Nation Packet

Planetary Management Packet

Stabilizing World Economies Packet

The Dawning of a New Era Packet - Historical overview

Industry Model Participation Packet

Core Work Group Packet and Compensation Models

Rational World EXT Packet

Rational Data Institute of Technology Packet

Guide Training Academy Packet

Employee Packet

The Medical Solution Model

Curriculum Guides

C-Level Executive Guide and Handbook

FAQ's The Rational Data Model

Medical solution model

Writings for Technical Applications

Early writings (not in print)

Please note: items were at some point in time published for organizational use, as a book, compilation or as a circulating paper.

Electronic sequencer design for sequence driven machinery. 1980.

Curve fitting for linear and non-linear phenomena in small orifice air flow, selection criteria. 1980.

Plastics - processes for actuating copolymerization in long chain polymers. 118 pages, 1981.

Design for Air Infiltration Test Equipment. 1981.

A formulary for a latex acrylic co-polymer caulking compound. 120 pages, 1982.

The Air Infiltration Story - The theoretical basis for deducing natural air changes from artificially induced air changes. 35 pages, 1982.

Design for an infinitely variable transmission. 1982.

Design for computer driven circuitry using a step-up process for high power consumption devices. 1982.

Air flow through small orifices. 1983.

Air infiltration and indoor pollution standards. 426 pages, 1984.

Theoretical basis for seeking destination-specific information with domain knowledge databases. 1994.

Recursive Movement in Cognitive Structures — a system of unlearning. 1994.

Writings on Business Law and Finance

Ohio Corporations - an Outline of a Subchapter S Corporate Law. 1982.

Financial ratio analysis in business loan portfolios. 1983.

"The Challenge" For Us As A Community - an economic development plan. 1990.

Numerous business proposals and presentations. 1980 - 1994.

Digital Property Law – An Introductory Primer

An Introduction to Digital Property Rights

Writings on Medical/ Healing Arts

Please note: items underlines were at some point in time published for organizational use, or as a circulating paper.

Histocytic Lymphoma — diagnosis and classification. 57 pages, circa 1980.

Life/Death/ Rebirth - the Structure of Transformation. 1992.

Affective Classification Systems. 1998.

Thought and Healing: Moving Beyond Current Modes of Healing. 1998.

Affective Epistemology – a means of self-facilitation

Movie, Series and Video Tutorials

The WE ARE ONE Movie and Genre Specific Series  provide a foundation for a new Earth.  RDIT offers a full comprehensive database of tutorials as well as the tutorials themselves. In most instances tutorials can be found on most sites, in all the platforms and embedded in dynamic ePublications, eBooks, and eMagazines. Many of the tutorials are offered for free.


A 76 volume set describing the Universal Solution Model (USM)