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A partial list of organizations in the RDIM and thier relationship to each other

Introduction to Organizations

Note: The above is an artist rendition of a future campus design.

A Campus in the Future

Rational Data International, Inc. is the flagship company of the Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM). It has top-level organizational and management tasks for over thirty inner circle organizations within the overall industry model.


Rational Data International, Inc. is the flagship company of the Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM). It has top-level organizational and management tasks for over thirty inner circle organizations within the overall industry model.

Rational Data Corporation provides hardware and segment-specific platform and virtual vehicle components.

Rational Data Network provides Guide Services and support for the new layer in cyberspace and the Rational Data Network.

Virtual Global Nation is a standalone international governmental organization (IGO) that supports the bottom-up, open, democratic meta-level governance model. It oversees the operations on the network, as well as providing a new globally-accessible governance body that is representative of the newly-emerged planetary citizen and citizen of humanity.

Planetary Management Systems, Inc. is responsiblbe for creating and developing components of the planetary management system, along with terraforming models, and other off world developmental initiatives.

WE ARE ONE Network - is responsible for distributing WE ARE ONE materials, promotionals, Series and more.

WE ARE ONE Spiritual Growth and Counceling Center -  to support provide information about spiritual growth and  spiritual practices.

The Digital Library Association is designed to set new categorization standards in conjunction with semantic layer and data grid layer technologies, as well as to preserve free access to a baseline of information.

Golden Leaf Industries, Inc. provides financial support for VGN through building and remodeling services along with manufacturing of high end house doors.

Rational Data Services provides web 3.0 services for integrating the current-day web with the new web, and platform component development.

Transaction Central International (TCI) & Rational Data Store provides buy, sell, and trade services for credit card transactions for multiple industry model portals.

Quawn provides a fully interactive 3D world for training, development, and testing, as well as traveler use.

Rustworks Arts and Invention Center provides technology transfer for literature-based discovery items to partnering business entities.

InterConnect Capital (ICC) provides funding for developers through the international digital exchange and funding partnerships.

Digital Property Registry (DP) provides registration for digital property and the buying and selling of names on the new layer.

National and International Data Grids provides multi-layer data grid support for multiple applications from smart city models, to international data sharing and CPU cycle development. Data grids are paired with the semantic layer and provide real-time data stream information.

Branching Leaf Publications provides publishing services for curricula, documentation, application documentation, books, etc.

Rational Data Institute of Technology provides new skill set instruction using our mining, mapping, and research technologies.

The Guide Training Academy provides guide training for individuals and various guide types.

Academic Standards Institute (ASI) provides semantic machine-based technology for evaluating information on the network.

The Vehicle Factory provides a site to build customized vehicles for traveling on the new network, in various mindspaces, environments and specialty areas.

My Avatar Lab provides 3D avatar customization for developing personalized personas in worlds and mindspaces.

The International Digital Exchange (IDeX) provides buy, sell, and trade services for digital property, and virtual property.

The Center for Existential Rights provides research and dissemination of information pertaining to existential rights.

The Center for Neoscience provides theoretical foundations for the human change process and transformational work in human consciousness. It draws on spiritual traditions around the world and cross-correlates these with principles found in scientific literature. It is a fundamental foundation stone for the reflective surfaces of the semantic and data grid layers in the new third layer of cyberspace.



The Virtual Global Nation and Rational Data Industry Model

The Virtual Global Nation is supported by the technology created by Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM). The industry model consists of approximately thirty inner-circle social entrepreneurial, public benefit corporations and non-profit organizations. The industry model was created to provide comprehensive tools and instruments to solve global problems and stand-alone issues.

Organizational Interrelationship between VGN and RDIM

There is a synergistic relationship between the VGN and the RDIM. Both are stand-alone entities, but have foundational agreements for the ongoing development, operational maintenance and support of the conceptual and physical architectures that support the VGN. The VGN is also integrated with a planetary management system (PMS) on both conceptual and technological levels, supported by agreements for ongoing development, operational maintenance and support.

The Rational Data Industry Model Consists of a Broad-Based multi-disciplinary Management Team

RDI's management team consists of a broad range of individuals who bring a wide array of skill sets to the table and lead multiple organizations across the Rational Data Industry Model. Most of these individuals bring multi-disciplinary skill sets to the management team.

The Virtual Global Nation

Planetary Management Systems, Inc.
Rational Data International, Inc.
Phone: (844) 897-8704 (USA)



Providing light for a New World.