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The work I have done over the years is dedicated to my children and the people of planet Earth and those who will someday occupy colonies beyond Earth as we reach for the stars.

It is also dedicated to the many people who have contributed to this project for more than a quarter century. Each in their own way bringing great gifts, insights, passion, dedication, participative action, spiritual practice and so much more to the table. This has shown up in the lab, the workshop, the studio, the classroom, the office(s) and multiple other venues.
To those that drove the Engine of Success
for each person has been a part of creating the energy, enthusiasm, passionate, restorative and rejuvenating environments that have been and continue to be the engine and culture that has propelled this project forward. Each in their own way have taken significant steps to realize the overall mission of peace, possibility, plenitude and the realization of happiness and love as states of being for all the people on planet Earth and beyond.