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The Journey

There are times when we are called to climb the big mountains, not for ourselves, but in service, that calling can be for a community, a country, or a world.


A strong cord plays on the piano, and the music of life resonates over my soul. All that you have lived comes into your awareness as you peer across distant horizons. It’s hard to believe the vistas you have seen. The remembrances of deep calling to deep. The repeated chorus - you are calling me again… echoing in your soul. If you have ever looked across years of service filled with rich memories of past relationships, celebrations of joy, and tears of sadness then you know. 

There was a day when God said to me, “Marlin, I want you to live only by revelation.” At first, I was angry, what do you mean, is that even possible? Standing outside a cabin I had built, I remember thinking that it was nearly an impossible request. That was nearly 25 years ago, in the days, weeks and years to come I would watch events unfold in the physical world that first came years before in meditation and prayer. My life path would take my learning from extensive reading as a child, to reading in meditation, to watching understanding unfold before me, delivered like radio waves on the back of divine inner light. The light so strong it could put you on your knees and leave you “light blinded” and “light intoxicated” for hours or days. I didn’t dare drive during these times. This path took me to heal people, console the grieving, cure my daughters of diseases, invent technologies, write nearly a 100 books on topics that included consciousness studies, medicine, law, and technology, the building of houses and factories. And, yes, I had my failures and at times some painful lessons! 

I found myself in lecture halls and at times behind a pulpit - a witness-participant to what was coming through me, Time after time I would walk away from these experiences head bowed feeling the depths of profound joy, tears streaming - shaking my head in awe. Yeah, that just happened I would say to myself – you go God! 

The courage to believe, listen and act formed my path. Faith is like a muscle that allows us to push on the doors of perception and realize a new reality, and finally to a place beyond perception. Have you ever intentionally sought emptiness that you might approach the horn of plenty naked and unashamed? Is your first response to any situation prayer? Have you ever embraced poverty that you might gain plenitude? Watched the bifurcating forks of divine providence stretch across the plane of time? Watched the physics engine drop out of space-time and know that you know, that you know there are no degrees of magnitude?

There was a mission given to me back in those days, a mission to deliver an invitation for world peace, and realized “states of being” for all people of planet Earth and beyond. I'm just saying, because some think this is impossible; however. when you have seen what I have seen, it doesn’t seem so. Underpinned, by years of “Our Work” and the development of planetary solution models and management systems. 


Overview and TimeLiine Introduction

Overview of Work

My primary objectives in life have been to live a life of service, learn with joy, love wholly, and follow a calling... often these have been expressed through science, art, writings, invention and more.

Marlin Knecht - 2017


His experience is diverse and encompassing, reflecting my primary interests in entrepreneurship, management, research, product development, invention, human consciousness and funding models, as well as my intention of living life with a purpose.

I have founded numerous companies and institutions since 1980, including the Institute for Cognitive and Affective Research & Education, Universal Information Systems, The Center for Neoscience, Nth-Dimension Networks, The Rustworks Arts and Invention Center, and Rational Data International, Inc.

His writings and research have spanned a diverse range of fields, including polymerization techniques, business law, business management, religious studies, spiritual practice, electronic circuit design, learning theory, digital property rights, governance models, funding models, the evolution of economies based on property law in developing countries, as well as works in consciousness studies, Neoscience and existential rights. He has done public speaking and teaching on diverse subjects including philosophy, economics, religion, education theory, consciousness studies and range of technical topics.

Consciousness studies - He developed theoretical models for human information processing and cognition based on systems science, chaos theory, artificial intelligence and religious studies. I founded the field of Affective Epistemology, classifying different components in the affective - emotional spectrum as way of knowing. I wrote a body of work on Perceptual Psychology and with that a thesis: Beyond Postmodernism: A Foundation for Neoscientific Understanding. I developed theoretical foundations for virtual reality systems, and Instructional System Design (ISD) for at-risk students.

He has written over a dozen books on related topics, including the Relativistic Perceptual Field Model, A Study of Consciousness and Cognitive Process (a two-volume set). He developed semantic mapping techniques for meaning-based evaluation of information in n-dimensional space, as well as founding the National and International Data Grids before data grid projects were in vogue. In 2001 He developed flow and stream mapping for real-time changes in local and global information and environmental systems. I also developed the foundation for the new semantic web layer found within the third layer of cyberspace. I developed new technologies for data and text mining as part of an end-to-end research system for solving global and local problems. I have taught whole brain problem-solving for teachers, rocket scientists and researchers at companies like Lockheed Martin.

Medicine - He developed a medical solution model for refining medical information through dynamic systems monitoring, using semantic and data grid technologies. He has written numerous articles on medical conditions, and have been involved in medical research projects dealing with issues from biofilm, chronic disease, and inter-cellular parasites to medical information systems and bio-energetic components in the human body. In addition to this I am working on a 3 volume medical textbook set that combines both Eastern and Western medical modalities, as well as a New Ontology of Psychiatry - over viewing high level paradigms in human consciousness.

Computing - He has developed architectural models for a new kind of computing environment that provides new paradigms in application integration, web-based services and information processes. Foundational underpinnings of this environment include a mathematical system He developed for vector mapping information processes. He also designed the Quawn 2100 super computer for supporting the semantic and data grid layers.

He has done a significant amount of work around self-organizing, self-regulating and self-refining governance models and infrastructures. He developed a nested architecture model inclusive of infrastructures, frameworks, platforms and model formats for multi-scalar infrastructure stacks. I also designed and developed the Application on Canvas (AOC) model for web 3.0 collaborative spaces and knowledge representation environments. I invented the Digital Factory Model (DFM) and software development procedures.

Law - He developed the body of digital property law dealing with collaborative spaces and the rights of collaborative space, as opposed to intellectual property law, which deals with the form of information. The largest body of information in this new field of law is supported by a number of books and articles He has written on this subject, including macro-scalar infrastructures and new safe haven asset paradigms based on digital property land standards, as well as works on digital property rights and primers. His works include videos and audio books on the subject as well.

Economics - He has written a number of works on macro and micro prudential control mechanisms in conjunction with w3, web 3.0, and third layer technology and the reestablishment of safe haven asset classes in a world where geographically tied infrastructures (GTI's) have broken down. I have written a number of articles on the macro-scalar infrastructure stack and meta-level governance.

Linguistics - He has worked with computational linguistics and the development of a high-level, internationally accessible meta-language and navigation system, based on archetypes in human consciousness.

Organizations - He founded the Mission Renewal Center, which is a work in process in the foothills of the Adirondacks in New York, USA and has the purpose of demonstrating the relationship between spiritual practices and scientific principles. He has founded over 30 organizations as part of the Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM) to support the W3, Web 3.0, 3rd layer technologies.

Governance models - He wrote the Declaration of Existential Rights for Sentient and non-Sentient life Rights for the Individual, the Species and Other Species, He also wrote the Constitution of the Virtual Global Nation, and a Declaration of Existence.

Mathematics - He taught himself calculus and differential equations and developed a new mathematical nomenclature for describing thought form and choice processes in human cognition, these were inclusive of cognitive, affective and somatic phenomena in the human experience. This was applied in human information systems, learning processes, perceptual psychology and navigation of virtual reality environments.

Inventions - He has also developed a number of inventions from his research including but not limited to: copolymer caulking compounds, solid surface material, computers, new computing navigation devices, factories, production machinery, alternative energy systems, numerous software applications and systems spanning multiple architectures and code languages.

Buildings, Facilities and Campuses - he has built houses and manufacturing facilities ranging from single family houses to complete small scale manufacturing facilities with tooling for various processes. He has also done initial concept designs for office campuses and production spaces.

He practices a number of spiritual disciplines and practices ongoingly from prayer to meditation to contemplative walks and journaling. He has written a number of books based on his own spiritual walk and experiences.

Often his work has taken him from managing teams of people and organizations to working on his own in various projects. He enjoys his kids and a few informally adopted kids. He enjoys his dog Christie who has often hiked with him on walks in the mountains of Colorado and various places across the country. A selected list of his writings can be found in the appendix.

In Prayer We Ask, in Meditation We Listen ...

There comes a time when the light that surrounds us and flows through us delivers its own message, and this is just a state of existence and being.

How It Came

How this work Evolved ...

Over the years this work has been funded through parallel projects, application development, friends and family investment and non-equity based partnerships.

It has run the gamut from having several hundred people involved to the author working by himself, living on a meager income while camping out. At times this was as a result of a spiritual practice and times it was more a matter of practicality. It was developed in conjunction with prayer, mindfulness and with careful and at times pain staking reflection and consideration.

How it Came ...

Much of the content and the overall architecture was developed from two places, first the vision of what the technology would bring in terms of world changes. This was apparent years before the technology actually appeared on the world stage. Secondly, what was observed and emerged as a result of spiritual practices such as contemplation, meditation and prayer. It is the latter that the greatest credit is due in terms of seeing what would come and building a solution for issues that would likely show up as internet and other co-evolutionary technologies developed. These foundational experiences convinced the author that spatial temporal and five senses based knowledge were only part of the ontological and epistemological picture.

As these technologies were being developed there used to be a printer called “Noah’s printer”, with a handwritten label taped to the front of it. The metaphor pointed to the building of something that was not yet seen.

Looking Back ...

In retrospect and some 24 years later what was planned for has emerged, the issues on the world stage are in substance what we expected them to be. It could be said, we took the long road approach to solving these issues. However, having advanced notice allowed us to use time itself as an amplifier and augmenter of basic skill sets talents and resources which in turn allowed us to accomplish our goals with less outside funding. Funding a project of this magnitude before market was thought to be a nearly impossible task, and doing so with a traditional angel, venture capital, exit strategy format would mean trading the mission for the money. To this end the organizations were set up to serve different roles in the overall industry model and they were set up as social entrepreneurial organizations.

Funding and Stewardship of the Mission

At times solitude was a necessary condition to its development. It paralleled the internal work of the author. This said, one of the greatest challenges of the 24 year project was to maintain stewardship over it, protect its integrity while funding the project as a whole. The project ran encompassed research, conceptualization, theoretical work, spiritual work, programming. The BlueBook being the highest level overview of the project at large as comprehensive as it is in its existent form, is only a description of what has been built from a programming standpoint and a physical architecture standpoint that has involved numerous organizations, offices, development teams and more.

The new architecture encompasses many technologies spanning many computer languages and devices. Much of which the author programmed himself.

Not Without A Cost

The development process has not been without cost, at times it meant long hours, seemingly endless work, numerous financial challenges, and the increasing of a seemingly ever moving bar for what needed to be done to accomplish the mission and vision we set out to do. From this vantage point it should also be stated that while we are preparing to invite the world to participate in the overall model, it is not yet out there.

A Calling and Vocatio Specialis

The overall project was a calling as opposed to a dream for the author, differentiating the two is the difference between doing something that our basic ego wants and doing something that comes from deep within and without. Calvin used a term vocatio specialis to define a special divine calling or vocation. This, said a calling can take one on a journey that brings one into the service of the greater good. My experience is the journey often looks nearly impossible and as a wayfarer on this journey one meets numerous challenges.

Appreciation and Acknowledgement

This said, much appreciation needs to be given to the many individuals, friends and family who have participated in making this project a reality. Sometimes with almost unending encouragement and support by others.


A 76 volume set describing the Universal Solution Model (USM)


Providing light for a New World.